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Forget the Cloud

Email and data issues sorted out here.

The cloud is a nebulous term that just refers to the internet. So instead of storing all your email and data in computers in your office, or workplace, they get stored out there.

The Pros & Cons of the Cloud.

No More Software PurchasesNeed an Internet Connection
No More Software Updates NeededMust Trust Others for Security.
Use Any Computer or Device
If your Computer Dies - the Data Doesn't
Everyone can Work on/Share the same Files
More Environmentally Friendly
On Average 30% Cheaper

Imagine travelling and NOT having to take your work computer with you, but being able to access email anywhere you go on any computer. That is the type of benefit that comes from cloud computing.

Imagine having an issue and NOT having to get in help to fix it, but having help (that is us) just fix it from here. In other words remote support with simple quick solutions.

Imagine being able to login to your employees email from any computer to check up or send something in an urgent situation.

Imagine not having to worry about buying and equipping a whole workstation with email software, anti-virus, microsoft etc etc etc. Cloud stuff doesn’t need any of this. Imagine a simpler life - even if you don’t understand how the cloud works yet, it

Imagine a simpler life - even if you don’t understand how the cloud works yet, its something you need to start a conversation about. Once you go down the cloud road, you won’t go back.

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