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Apple and Android Apps

Always planned on having an app? Delay No Longer.

Your business probably needs an app, and you have probably already thought about what that app should do for both you and your customers.

Apps​ ​that​ ​Help​ ​You:

An app can be built for your employees to help them with tasks on the road, or out and about. It can connect with your servers and update details on things happening in the field. For example in Purple Patch Mowing, a lawnmowing company in Queensland, it’s employees update details of lawns mowed through the day. The app in turn updates the accounting software, which generates invoices and sends reminders. This app streamlines processes for the owners who don’t physically visit each and every lawn mowed. This app saves the owners of this business a huge amount of time and money.

Apps that are built for your own use, or your employees don’t go up to the app store. They get installed on your phone/device differently.

Apps​ ​that​ ​Help​ ​Your​ ​Customers:

Apps can help your customers place orders for pickup, communicate, request support, or find out information as needed. For example you can display your inventory for sale, and your customer can add things to his/her account and organise delivery right there. Then it automatically adds to their monthly invoice, or charges a card.

Apps built to promote your business, or help your customers are typically added to the app store. Your customers will need to download it to use it.

It’s​ ​Time​ ​to​ ​Build​ ​an​ ​App

Send an email to sales@wtqhosting.com with some information about what you are wanting, and we will get back to you with an initial quote for your idea.