Web Technology Queensland - More than Just Web Hosting for Queenslanders.

Code and Automation

Make the Internet do Anything for You.

Anything is now possible online. From a personalized software system just for you, or something that can remote control things in your office, or connect your fridge to the internet. Anything can be done.

Can we automate accounting functions for you?

Can we automate emails or marketing systems for your buisness?

Would you like to send a "pinch and punch" email on the first of every month?

Would you like to build a Google Chrome browser extension, or wordpress plugin, or drupal module?

Would you like to build a website, ecommerce store, app, or piece of cloud software?

An online computer game?

We can automate your virutal phone number, sms messages and text campaigns for you.

What ever idea you have it is most likely possible. Start by telling us your idea - send an email to sales@wtqhosting.com an we will get back to you with a quotation.