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Forget your Customers

From now on we'll handle customer support - too easy!!

If you are an existing web designer, with clients, then this​ ​is​ ​your​ ​lucky​ ​day​.

One of the most infuriating things about running a design agency, or server company is the constant customer support. Most of which is email that doesn’t work, passwords that need resetting, firewall lockouts and so on. It can be hard to get your work done when you keep getting interrupted. Well that doesn't have to continue, and you can take steps today to change that.

We offer two types of customer support for your clients. Click on each of the types below to learn more about them.

Type 1: Customer​ ​Support​ ​for​ ​Web​ ​Hosting | Type 2: Customer​ ​Support​ ​for​ ​Web​ ​Maintenance

Click on an option above to learn more.

If you are currently hosting websites that you have built for clients, then we are in a prime position to extend hosting support to them. This is perfect for companies or individuals ranging from just a handful of support enquiries per week, right up to hundreds of enquiries per day. You may have questions about how this works, so please leave your details below so we can explain better.

If you have website maintenance (changes to websites) coming in - we can take that worry off your hands, leaving you with just ongoing projects to focus on. It's oftern difficult, repetitive, boring or frustrating when you keep having to go back to make little changes to websites. This is exactly the type of work we can relieve you of, and help you focus on what brings in the real income for you.

How​ ​Does​ ​it​ ​Work?

Once again there are two methods that we can approach this, and you may wish to request a trial before you commit to one or the other method. Click on each of the methods to learn more.

Method 1: You​ ​Bill​ ​Your​ ​Clients: | Method 2: We​ ​Bill​ ​Your​ ​Clients

Click on a method above to learn more.

It’s surprisingly simple - we can do it one of two ways. Either you bill your clients, in which case we provide a support email and support phone number. You simply provide these details to your customers, or divert your existing enquiries to us and we handle it all. You charge your customers whatever you want, and we pass on separately our costs.

Or we can bill your customers directly. This is the far simpler option from your point of view leaving you to focus entirely on your project work. In this scenario we would take over the cost and maintenance of any servers that support your customers as part of our support to you.

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