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Google Adwords Management

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Google Adwords Management

The quickest way to be found for an online search is to advertise. For promoting your service or product online, it is best to start soon, and tune your advertising until it is a result driven marketing tool for your business.

Many businesses attempt to utilise SEO as theoretically a free method of obtaining good google rankings. In reality, nobody is completely certain how to make a website rank well via SEO. Google has never openly published details on this, although they have specified a few key things which help, such as quality content. Each day millions of dollars is spent on SEO services, for which the majority of this is wasted money. The only guaranteed way to rank well is with a paid listing via Google Ads.

If free rankings are important to you, then certainly work towards that, but in the interim, you need in place a functional advertisting program utilising Google Ads. This provides an effective strategy to grow your business.

A number of businesses who do advertise have since found they rank well with their free listings also. Even so, they have continued to advertise in addition to the free listings. This is because having both a paid and a free listing gives a double chance of attracting your right customer. We can make a case then for advertising with Google both with an without a free listing in place.

WTQ has been advertisting with Google since 2003, and previously with other online search services such as Overture and Yahoo.

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