Invest in Technology

Experience Good Returns on Short Term Technology Investments

Short Term Investments in Technology

Web Technology Queensland invites investors to partner with us for short 3 years investment terms, yielding returns averaging 60% over the life of the investment.

Expected Returns

Whilst each investment is individually planned and managed, typically an investment in Technology will bring returns as follows:

How Does This Work?

Web Hosting is a transient business field where clients/customers can easily transfer in and out with minimal hassle. As such it makes the real value of a web hosting business hard to determine. The real asset in a hosting business is the actual clients, and they are maintained through the quality of the service and support. When wanting to grow and expand a business with hosting as the service, quality specific acquisitions are an excellent way to do this.

A typical hosting business can be acquired for about 100% of one years annual revenue. This means that after one year, if the support was good, the business income has paid for the acquisition, and the continuing clients after that point build the pre-existing business.

Web Technology Queensland is looking to acquire strategic hosting businesses of the right type. With it's excellent record of customer service, it has a good track record of being able to hold about 90% of the client base from it's acquisitions. This allows good investment returns for investors who help Web Technology Queensland to grow via investment in Technology.

After an acquisition, Web Technology Queensland puts aside all income for the first 2 years to cover the costs of capital and interest, and begins to take returns in the 3rd year. In this manner the investor helps us to grow, and we help the investor to obtain good returns not usually possible in other places.


Opportunities for investment currently exist in the range from $5000 (thousand) to $60,000 (thousand) dollars. If you would like more information, please contact us in regards to this.