I have a theory - it could just be a crazy theory and time will probably prove me wrong, however here it goes.

Most people who own a website or work with sites, design, servers, hosting or anything SEO related know all about the Panda Update. Panda was a major search algorithm adjustment by Google which resulted in a wide changes in SERPs (Search Engine Result Placements) and upset a LOT of webmasters. Personally, only 1 of my websites was affected by Panda.

Now the latest news is the Penguin update which has recently started and will continue to have an effect on SERPs for a while to come. So here comes my theory.

Somebody in the Google organisation has the job of picking names for these updates. According to http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2163436/How-Google-Names-Its-Algorithm-Updates-Products the Panda update was named after a google employeed with the surname Panda.

So they pick Panda, and now they pick Penguin - and so my theory is that the next update will also be named after an animal starting with a letter P and with the next available vowel. Already a and e have been used, so the next algorithm update will be an animal starting with Pi.

If my theory is right - the next update will probably be one of the following list.

  • Pidores - an Earthworm
  • Pig
  • Pigeon
  • Pike
  • Pilchard
  • Piranha - Cool Name for an Algorithm Update
  • Pitbull

What name above would most likely be picked for an Algorithm update. Piranha or Pitbull might be if the change was ferocious. Pilchard kind of sounds lame and Pig would be insulting. Nobody knows what a Pidores is, so that leaves Pigeon.

Someone in 2013 watch out for the Pigeon Algorithm update - don't get pooped on.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

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