Refer Business

We Pay Generous Commissions for Clients you Send our Way

The best form of growth for business is that which comes via referrals, and word of mouth. For existing clients of Web Technology Queensland, they already know about the quality support they receive, and we offer this opportunity to earn a variety of commissions for each new client or service that is referred. And this opportunity is also open to those who are not yet clients, but will need to create an account to participate.

Payment Rates:

When a new client is referred through our referral system, and makes their first payment, a percentage of that payment is put aside for the one who made the referral. For all web hosting services, this is a flat rate of 25%, however the beauty here is that this is a recurring commission. So for a client for continues to renew year, after year, this commission continues to be paid. If the client leaves, then the commission ceases to exist.

For web design related services, a flat one time commission of 20% is payable.

When an existing client who uses Web Technology Queensland has referred 4 other clients, they have achieved a point where the cost of their own web hosting is covered, thus providing a free hosting service.

How To Get Started

  1. You need to create an account, or sign into your existing account.
  2. Once on your Account Overview Page, look for the link "number of referred signups."
  3. Then you will need to activate your referral account.
  4. Once activated you will receive a custom url, or web address. Use this custom link when telling people to visit the site.
  5. Any new clients that visit the site via that link will be attributed to you.
  6. You can also refer clients manually by simply sending an email and advising us in advance that you have referred someone.

Ideas for Promotion

A few good ideas to help you earn referrals are listed here: