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Providing Personal IT Services for Business

WTQ Hosting provides a number of services for Business.

Business Class Web Hosting

When looking for a host for your website, make sure you are comparing apples with apples. Godaddy and other similar providers offer value hosting, but this is almost always not suitable for small or medium level business. WTQ Hosting offers hosting sympathetic to the business client, with quick support and free consultation for web and internet queries.

Many of our existing business clients appreciate the help we have provided in setting up email in a variety of email software systems, not leaving them to figure it out themselves. Often the speed, and willingness to work until an issue is resolved has been beneficial to our clients. Even though we provide an industry standard control panel, that you can use to self manage your hosting, we just as quickly are happy to make all hosting adjustments on your behalf. One email is all it takes to initiate support.

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Business Web Design

As you already know, the first place your clients look for you is your website. And many times they either do or don't visit your physical premises based on their opinions of your website. It's important to have a physically attractive, usable and clear website, and it must also be mobile friendly. If your business does not have a physical presence, then your website is even more crucial to your success.

We realise that not every business has a majestic budget, and we also know that the majority of business websites don't need to be glamorous. There is no need to spend $10,000 when $3,000 will achieve what you need. If you approach the majority of design agencies in Australia, you will be charged upwards of $5,000 for a basic website. What is important is that a website is simple to use, has design clarity, and the message is clear. Most business owners don't need an elegant or opulant site, and therefore don't need to pay a fortune either.

WTQ focuses on functional effective websites with design clarity. We will build you a site that looks good, without a mega price tag. We will then back it up with quality hosting support and assist you to keep your site maintained. It's something we do well for many businesses already - let us assist you.

We are also proud to specialise in eCommerce websites. We will get your charging credit cards, and having people checkout on your shopping cart in no time at all. We also specialise in church/ministry websites - talk to us about how we can help your non profit organisation?

In the majority of cases, we can build your site in under 4 weeks, and in many cases we can beat the price of major design agencies. Feel free to visit some of our competitors first, and then bring you quote to us, so we can beat them in offering you a better price. Email us to get a quote.

Website Maintenance

Most small and medium businesses don't have the resources to hire a full time IT guy to handle websites, but with WTQ we provide your IT guy. Simply select one of our maintenance packages to provide the resources you need to keep your site fresh.

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Other Services

In addition to the above, we also offer a number of services such as:

Please talk to us about your needs and ask how we can help.