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Business Class Web Hosting & Consultation

Web Hosting and Support for Business

Hosting for your website is critical for business. As such you expect your website to be hosted on reliable servers which stay up, and also to be provided with reliable and quick support. You have found that here.

What makes WTQ Hosting different is that we endeavor to resolve your hosting issue as quickly as possible. We offer phone, email and sms support, and provide as close to instant support as is possible in the hosting industry.

It matters to WTQ that your business makes money and satisfies your customers. We understand that happy customers make a happy business. We understand that by helping you as efficiently as possible, that also assists you to serve your customers better.

We will personally assist you in email setup, troubleshoot email bounces, investigate blacklisting issues, and dig into email software error codes for you. Our email support has proven to be something that most businesses value.

Our hosting also comes with free advice concerning any internet related matter. We are always happy to answer your web questions, even if they are not on topic or in the area of what you pay us to provide for you. Thus we function as web consultants as part of your web hosting package. This is the excellence of a business hosting service.

If you have any questions, please send an email to sales@wtqhosting.com or you can signup for a webhosting package today, or transfer your website hosting to us today.