Open Ports on Cpanel Servers

There are a number of security services now that scan websites and give advise about 'best practice' regarding security.  One of the typical things they advise is for the shutting down of 'unnecessary' port numbers, and they proceed to list a number of ports which contrary to this advice, actually are necessary for the function of your ... Читать далі »

7th May 2021
Old Versions of Wordpress are Potential Time Bombs

The majority of new websites in the world are built with Wordpress, and that is true of the clients of WTQ Hosting also.  Wordpress has great features, none of which is better than its user friendliness.  However there is a downside too. In the same way that the majority of computer viruses are written for Microsoft machines, so too a large ... Читать далі »

21st Jan 2020
Your Website Might Spamming Without You Realising it.

Most of us want people to contact us through our websites, and that's fine and normal. However sadly, spammers want to use your website contact form to send you bucket loads of junk. So most website owners install captcha or something like that to cut own on the automated junk that comes, and it mostly does a great job. However some manual spam ... Читать далі »

19th Sep 2019
Credit Card Processing Without Paypal now Available

This is just a quick announcement to let everyone know that we can now process invoices via credit car, without having to send you through the paypal gateway.

9th Sep 2014
Route 53 Plugin for WHMCS Domain Registration

Over the weekend Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that they are now open for domain registration.  Web Technology Queensland is pleased to announce that today we have commend development of a domain registrar module for whmcs.  This module will enable you to check for domains using AWS' Route 53, and register domains through a WHMCS ... Читать далі »

3rd Aug 2014
Support System Now Integrated

We have now complete the integration of our sales and support system. If you have any queries or need assistance, please login to the client area and submit a ticket. You may also use the contact form on this site to be in touch with us.

30th Apr 2013
Panda, Penguin - Will Pigeon be Next? The future of Google Algorithm Updates.

I have a theory - it could just be a crazy theory and time will probably prove me wrong, however here it goes. Most people who own a website or work with sites, design, servers, hosting or anything SEO related know all about the Panda Update. Panda was a major search algorithm adjustment by Google which resulted in a wide changes in SERPs ... Читать далі »

19th Aug 2012
Random Number Generator - Generate Millions of Random Numbers

If you have ever needed a large list of random numbers for the purposes of testing or some other scripting need - then you will have done what I just did and searched for a random number generator. I found a few websites but none of them did exactly what I needed, and one that did limited me to only 1000 numbers. So I've written my own number ... Читать далі »

17th Aug 2012
Preventing Cron Collisions - Stop PHP Scripts Running Twice Simultaneously

What happens when you have a cron job that you want to run fairly regularly - let's say every minute or every two minutes. Now what happens if the server is under load and it doesn't complete the job before the next call - you get a cron collision. Sometimes that's not a big deal, but often that can cause problems. For example if you have ... Читать далі »

16th Aug 2012
How to Create and eBay Shop Template in Dreamweaver

This short tutorial will take you through how to create a ebay template using Dreamweaver. This tutorial describes the procedure that was taken using CS5, although it will be similar for other versions of the dreamweaver software. 1. Create a folder anywhere in your directory where you'll put all your files for this template. 2. Create a ... Читать далі »

10th Aug 2012